Art Workshops

My bookable art workshops are two hours long, can cater for up to 30 people and are available for ANY AGE – from 9 months to 99 years and work with all subject matter and  ALL ability levels – I’m all about inclusivity, diversity and the fact that art is for EVERYONE. You provide the space – I’ll bring everything else.

Every session focusses primarily on removing the fear that can surround drawing. I will PROVE to you that ANYONE can draw and I will help take the knot out from your stomach. For many years I held beliefs that I could not draw and I will share my story (I had two degrees in art and teaching and STILL could not draw!) while helping you to realise what you can achieve. Even the most anxious of participant will leave my sessions with a newfound confidence in their abilities and a sense of achievement.

Let go of the fear of drawing – A standalone workshop focussed on drawing in different ways, on a variety of papers, and using a variety of mark making tools.

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Create a bas relief – An introduction to the space between 2d and 3d. The bas relief is one of the oldest forms of art production and it creates excellent results. You get to keep both the positive and the negative of your creation AND make a print from one of them too! 2015-06-26 15.40.02

Creating with Clay – The first hour is focussed on drawing and generating ideas – and in the second hour you will create a clay masterpiece while exploring the formal elements and how to incorporate concepts into your creations.

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Cast your hand – Create a completely lifelike cast of your hand in durable plaster that you can keep for time immemorial. This session is very popular in secondary schools and introduces you to casting techniques in a very accessible way. Unfortunately this session is slightly more expensive due to materials costs and prep time – it fluctuates depending on number of participants and cost of materials when ordering – get in touch for details.

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All sessions are £180 (unless otherwise stated) fully inclusive of all expenses and materials except mileage when over 20 miles from my home address – this is charged at 45p per mile).

PHOTO-2019-06-21-15-01-20Bespoke workshops, courses and commissions: 

“Creativity is making mitsakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep”

Bespoke courses and workshops also available in all visual art forms, mindfulness, meditation and children’s yoga – also in creativity and creative learning if you want it to be a CPD opportunity.

I am a multidisciplinary artist and can provide introductions and longer courses in all forms of visual art creation – printmaking, painting, sculpture, drawing and mixed media are all things I have done in the past – and if I don’t have the skill set – I can guarantee I can find the artist who can. 


Get in touch for details.

Feedback from teachers at a recent ‘5 minutes of yoga’ CPD session at Haworth Primary School:

  • “A useful and enjoyable CPD session that all staff can easily take in to the classroom. Many thanks, Paula Howe, Headteacher.”
  • “Fantastic session! Lot’s of great ideas to teach yoga to children! Thanks”
  • “Really enjoyed. Nice to see you can include mindfulness in as little as 5 minutes”
  • “Really good and informative session with some fab ideas to bring into the classroom” Emma Fawcett, Year 5 teacher.
  • “Loved all of the practical ideas that I can use in the classroom. The resources will make it a lot easier to plan my sessions – I wouldn’t have known where to start. Thanks!”
  • “Amazing training thank you!”
  • “A really positive CPD session with clear, manageable ways to integrate yoga within the classroom”
  • “A good introduction to yoga for children. Well informed and knowledgeable” Chris Holdsworth, Senco.

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Written by Ami Hallgarth, Schools Programme Manager, The Artworks

Jennyanne is an absolute pleasure to work with.

She is a skilled practitioner, adept at working in many different environments, with people of all ages, from all walks of life.

Her knowledge of different artistic process and techniques means she can facilitate a huge range of sessions, which link to different areas of the curriculum and include critical thinking, stimulating discussion and practical activity. Children are encouraged to develop new vocabulary, thinking processes and skills through fun and well-paced activities that include independent and collaborative working.


Jennyanne encourages children to think for themselves, try new things and not be afraid of making mistakes, which is crucial to the creative process of making art. Her enthusiasm and passion for art is highly infectious, and she has shifted children’s mindsets of being afraid of art, to something they love to do and but has inspired them to continue making and even wanting to pursue art as a career in later life.

Jennyanne has an easy rapport with children and maintains excellent engagement with the group, whilst having a good laugh and lots of fun.

She helps children to understand that process is as important as the outcome, whilst enabling them to produce impressive finished outcomes that they take great pride in.

I would highly recommend Jennyanne’s services to schools – you will not be disappointed!

Jennyanne is an absolute pleasure to work with

I have worked with Jennyanne at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery for over 4 years on various projects. She has so much energy and enthusiasm and many creative ideas that she never fails to engage and excite the children that we work with. She also has great sensitivity with children, quietly make one boy feel better about the fact he is wearing his mum’s socks or helping a group of giggly boys see past the ‘rude’ in a nude portrait to appreciate and explore all the details in the painting.

Highly organised, reliable and professional I look forward to working with Jennyanne on many more projects!

Claire Evans – Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery – University of Leeds