Semi colons, situations and surviving Samsara

Semi colons, situations and surviving Samsara When I was 18 years old I was suffering from a rather horrible bout of situational depression – although I didn’t actually realise it at the time (because I didn’t actually know what ‘depression’ was or how it was caused or even why) so I hardly talked to anyoneContinue reading “Semi colons, situations and surviving Samsara”

Mahadevas, Kali’s, Taras and true inner peace!

Mahadevas, Kali’s, Taras and true inner peace! If you’ve known me for a while – or perhaps even if you haven’t – you may have noticed that my thoughts, beliefs, ideas – about spirituality/ the human condition/ education / art / whatever else I’m interested in tend to be rather fluid… As in – OnceContinue reading “Mahadevas, Kali’s, Taras and true inner peace!”

A White British Woman visits India alone and muses on it.

“I could live in India!” I sighed  dreamily this morning. “I could definitely make this my home”. It’s so different to how I imagined it. It’s so GREEN!!! It’s so lush! Many of the old buildings are SO unbelievably beautiful! And then as I had my slow and steady early morning boat ride while watchingContinue reading “A White British Woman visits India alone and muses on it.”

India and our Great British Empire

Autoethnographic musings upon life… This year I spent the summer in India – while I was there I painted many little pictures in my sketchbook, completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course and experienced ‘Life’ through a new lens. I wrote several musings and I’m going to post them here… And I’ll attach myContinue reading “India and our Great British Empire”