Personal Practice

The Art of vulnerability.

Current project I am working on:

PLEASE check out my page on Β Β –Β Β for info on my current project! I ‘Came out’ about having bipolar – and I wrote poems and planned sculptures and YOU can help make it a reality! πŸ™‚

Whats this all about?

My work has been described as β€˜an exploration of the human condition’. It is autoethnographic in nature and ponders, questions and analyses β€˜life’ from many perspectives but mainly my own ever-changing lens. Religion, philosophy, personal history, literature, anthropology, psychology and spirituality all inform my personal practice which has covered all manner of characteristics, events and situations that have composed the essentials of my human existence thus far.

Themes within my work have included – Aspiration, Emotionality and Conflict (Fairy Tale, 2003), Growth and Aspiration (Love, Lust and Pain, 2006, The I AM Story 2010), Relationships and Love (This Cuckoo Thing, 2007, Tell Me Something About Your First Love 2008-2011), The meaning of Life (Unanswerable Questions, 2006-2008), Perceptions of the Self (Mirror Mirror 2005 and An Intimate Distance, 2008), Mortality and Mental Health (The Tale of Annie Get Your Gun, 2010, A Life Lived Through Lillies 2012), Personal Growth (Mandala, 2018) and Education (An elegy aimed at the arrogant, 2012 & 2018, Reclaiming my Red).

I am a mixed media fine artist whose practice incorporates elements of drawing, sculpture, print, textiles, poetry, painting, video, audio and performance art.

To be human is to err but to be an artist, to be an alchemist is to transform. We’ve all been given a precious human life so why not use it to become the best version of ourselves we possibly can and enjoy the ride while we’re at it.

Previous work

The I AM story was created as part of my Masters by Research and performed in several venues across the uk.


An Elegy Aimed at the Arrogant was written in response to a response to the I AM story.




The Tale of Annie Get your gun – was also written as part of my masters thesis and was about my experience of being carer for my nan who was suffering from dementia.

A Life Lived through Lillies – is the part of my masters where I came to terms with the fact I suffered from Depression… After this period I went straight back into believing and desperately trying to rid myself of Depression forever. By doing this however – I spend YEARS not preparing for or planning for future episodes. It was only once I accepted that it was PROBABLY going to revisit me time and again – that I got wise to it and its visits started to have less of a hold in 2017 I completed the Hoffman Process. I will be FOREVER indebted to the Hoffman Process because it REALLY did – set me on the path to self acceptance, understanding and healing.

And – if you’re really interested – heres a link to my full MA thesis

Β NB – This text was completed in 2010-2012 – It is important to note that all of my work NEEDS to be viewed in context. My thoughts, feelings and ideas about life, myself and the world in general will probably have changed since then.Β 


The following images are from my recent exhibition at the Tapestry Gallery in Liverpool as part of the Not Just Collective. Thresholds: The Adjacent Possible, February 2018.





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