Past Projects

Be uniquely you – inspiring learning words and Manchester Bees…

Just before the terrible bombing incident at the ariana grande concert my lovely headteacher at Burnley Brow had asked me if I could make a mural that displayed all of the schools learning words in order to inspire and uplift the children and remind them of everything we are trying to achieve in a school day. I came up with the idea of ‘a flower for each child’ and then after the bombing – decided to add in the fabulous Manchester Bee as a reminder of Machesters courage and united spirit after the incident.  I LOVED making this mural!!!!

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The Leeds Liverpool Canal Triptych

Working with The Tetley Gallery in Leeds, The Canal and Rivers Trust and children form St Joseph’s Primary School in Hunslet I created a 3 piece painting on perspex showing the past, present and future of the Leeds Liverpool Canal to celebrate it’s 200 year anniversary.

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Bernslai Homes Annual Report

Working with 7Video and Bernslai Homes I created this 9 panel canvas painting. Bernslai homes gave me a summary of their annual report and some ‘image ideas’ and I designed the canvasses and worked with employees and tenants to paint them – now it lives inside the offices as a reminder of the great work they had done that year!


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Bangladesh Meets Oldham

At Burnley Brow Community School where I have been fortunate enough to have been Artist in Residence for several years now – there are several of my mural creations. All of which were designed and created with the students at the school. This one was my first…


Chadderton High Street and the Park of our dreams…

After the success of my first indoor mural at Burnley Brow – the headteacher took the plunge and asked me to work with the children to create two outdoor murals for the early years play area. We researched Chadderton High Street through looking and drawing and the children worked together to dream up the park of their dreams which included a lake just like Hollinsworth and big smiling trees.

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Under the Sea

I was absolutely delighted when St Theresa’s School in Oldham got in touch and asked me to create an ‘Under the Sea’ mural for their climbing wall. For this project I worked with children from ever class including nursery to draw designs and many of the children got to help put their own designs onto the climbing wall too.


Paintings on Perspex

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this large painting on perspex from imagery from ‘Where the wild things are’ for the Forrest School at Burnley Brow and I’m itching to make a few more!! WATCH THIS SPACE! 🙂

Centenary Banner for St Annes

St Anne’s Primary school got in touch and asked me to create a Centenary banner that the children could take out with them to sporting and church events. I worked with different year groups to create different elements – each element bringing different meaning to the piece. The school was founded on money from sales of jars of Jam and Pickles and the schools local church has a sculpture by fellow Liverpool born Artist Arthur Dooley – the Dachau Cross this was paramount to the design.

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Backdrops for theatre

I’ve created several textile and paper banners for theatre productions in my schools – below are a few – again – children and adults can help with the design and creation. I work with the children to come up with the initial ideas – take their ideas and draw them large scale and then they help me paint them onto the canvas.

Photographic Tapestry

SS Saiden and Oswalds got in touch to ask me to create an art work that would remind the children of the Schools Mission – so what we did was a week long project where the children across the whole school acted out elements from the mission statement, created quill and ink drawings and large scale drawings on the floor and photographed the sessions and the artworks created and then I printed them out and photographed them and created this large scale photographic tapestry that was placed in the school hall as a visual reminder to the children of the week and the meaning behind the words they recite every day in their assembly!


Other Creative bits and bobs

So without wanting to spend a bazillion years on this page – I thought I’d add a few other little ad hoc creations to show you that no project is too big or too small for me to consider. I simply love creating and making peoples visions come true – be it illustrating a poem, creating a Christmas backdrop, some masks for a lion king play or even creating a lampshade for a children’s bedroom. 🙂