Creating bespoke murals for schools, homes, offices – indoor spaces and outdoor places.

Get in touch if you would like a mural creating for you! I can work with your designs (Many of my murals in schools are designed with the children – sometimes they even help to paint them too!)

Examples of my past murals: 

A Farmyard in a Home!

A lady got in touch and asked me to create a farmyard in her home and here it is! 🙂 woohoo – sorry my photos are so bad! 🙂



Swan Lake at Zest Studios!

My first mural outside of a school was created for the dance studio – Zest Studios  in Dewsbury. The Brief – Something Dance related and since Shona the owner had once played Odette – it HAD to be a take on Swan Lake!


Be uniquely you – Inspirational Learning Words and Manchester Bees…

Just before the terrible bombing incident at the ariana grande concert the lovely headteacher at Burnley Brow had asked me if I could make a mural that displayed all of the schools learning words in order to inspire and uplift the children and remind them of everything we are trying to achieve in a school day. I came up with the idea of ‘a flower for each child’ and then after the bombing – decided to add in the fabulous Manchester Bee as a reminder of Manchesters courage and united spirit after the incident.  I LOVED making this mural!!!!


Under the Sea

I was absolutely delighted when St Theresa’s School in Oldham got in touch and asked me to create an ‘Under the Sea’ mural for their climbing wall. For this project I worked with children from ever class including nursery to draw designs and many of the children got to help put their own designs onto the climbing wall too.


Chadderton High Street and the Park of our dreams…

After the success of my first indoor mural at Burnley Brow – the headteacher took the plunge and asked me to work with the children to create two outdoor murals for the early years play area. We researched Chadderton High Street through looking and drawing and the children worked together to draw the buildings and dream up the park of their dreams which included a lake just like Hollinsworth and big smiling trees.


Bangladesh Meets Oldham

At Burnley Brow Community School where I have been fortunate enough to have been Artist in Residence for several years now – there are several of my mural creations. All of which were designed and created with the students at the school. This one was my first – the brief – create a celebration of Oldham and Bangladesh. Many of the children who study at Burnley Brow are from Bangladesh or have Bangladeshi parents. To create this mural I ran a 6 week project with children from the school – researching into the cultural heritage of both Bangladesh and Oldham. We created quill and ink drawings of the mills and hills, played games with Maypoles and the children designed and helped paint it all onto the walls of the stairwell outside of my art room!




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