Mural Painting

Murals painted inside and outside of your home, office, school or studio. For all of my murals I use a combination of System 3 Acrylics and Spray paints (Usually Montana 64 cans). I also prime using a really good primer and top layer of varnish so they stay looking as good as the first day the were finished! Prices are per square metre and also take into consideration research/prep time, travel and materials. Please do get in touch for a quote – I work right across the UK and am happy to travel outside the uk too – if you cover my airfare 🙂

Some of my murals done so far:

Jennyannes murals can be done using your children’s imagery and drawings which she then upscales and adds to your walls. Projects have included primary schools, nursing homes and dance studio walls.

Paintings on perspex & fabric banners

Jennyanne has worked with several schools and galleries such as St Anne’s in Royton and The Tetley Gallery in Leeds to create paintings and banners using childrens artworks.

Let’s create something together.


Tel: 077 93 02 00 00

SM: @jennyannearts

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