Teachers CPD

“Creativity is making mitsakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep”

Teachers CPD courses and workshops available in all visual art forms, mindfulness, meditation and childrens yoga. Also in Creativity and creative learning.

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Examples below:

Connect to your creativity – A one day exploratory workshop –

A one day workshop where you explore a myriad forms of creative practice to find out about new unique mediums. Connect to your inner child and try your hand at a range of artistic practices – Create using clay, plaster, wax, impasto paint and explore a range of techniques and processes in sculpture, printmaking, painting, and drawing using artist quality materials with an artist with 10 years of teaching experience.

One to one coaching sessions – After attending a connect to your creativity session you can book one to one creativity coaching sessions – explore your sculpture further – learn how to find your inspiration or discover how to work with your own ideas in the medium that you prefer.

Bespoke adults and children’s courses in creative subjects such as sculpture, painting, printmaking, movement, creative writing, movement, mindfulness and art education are all offered too.