Workshops & Commisions

Jennyanne is available for workshops, consultancy, commissions and projects in schools, universities, the workplace or even your home. She has provided coaching for artists new to participation, CPD for teachers including artistic techniques and processes, created new curriculums and designed a stage set or two. Below are details of various projects that have been completed in the past.

Mural Painting

Jennyannes murals are done using your children’s imagery and drawings which she then upscales and adds to your walls. Projects have included primary schools, nursing homes and dance studio walls.

Yoga for Children

Paintings on perspex & fabric banners

Jennyanne has worked with several schools and galleries such as St Anne’s in Royton and The Tetley Gallery in Leeds to create paintings and banners using childrens artworks.

Artist in Residence

Jennyanne has been artist in residence in several schools including working at Burnley Brow Community School for 5 years working with hard to engage families and pupil premium projects enabling children to boost their confidence, self esteem and skillsets!


Jennyanne has delivered sculpture, print, painting, drawing, mixed media and textile workshops in a range of galleries and schools! Get in touch today to learn about plaster, painting on perspex and all manner of other things that may or may not begin with a P!

Let’s create something together.


Tel: 077 93 02 00 00

SM: @jennyannearts

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