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Artist Career Coaching.  Are you an artist just starting out in education or participation and wanting some accountability and goal setting? If so – keep an eye out for my career coaching events for artists new to working in education – I made the mistakes over the past 10 years so that you don’t have to.

All day workshops 10.30am – 4pm

Bas Relief Masterclass. Join me for a day long masterclass in creating Bas Reliefs using plaster and clay.

Clay Sculpture Masterclass. Join me for a day long masterclass in creating clay sculptures – learn reductive and building techniques.

Metal armatures, plaster sculpture Masterclass.  Join me for a day long workshop in which you will create an armature out of wire and mesh and then cover it with plaster and scrim.

2 hour workshops

Let go of the fear of drawing – A standalone workshop focussed on drawing in different ways, on a variety of papers, and using a variety of mark making tools.

Create a bas relief – An introduction to the space between 2d and 3d. The bas relief is one of the oldest forms of art production and it creates excellent results. You get to keep both the positive and the negative of your creation AND make a print from one of them too!

Creating with Clay – The first hour is focussed on drawing and generating ideas – and in the second hour you will create a clay masterpiece while exploring the formal elements and how to incorporate concepts into your creations.

Cast your hand – Create a completely lifelike cast of your hand in durable plaster that you can keep for time immemorial. This session is very popular in secondary schools and introduces you to casting techniques in a very accessible way.

Bespoke courses and workshops also available in all visual art forms, mindfulness, meditation and children’s yoga – also in creativity and creative learning if you want it to be a CPD opportunity.

I am a multidisciplinary artist and can provide introductions and longer courses in all forms of visual art creation – printmaking, painting, sculpture, drawing and mixed media are all things I have done in the past – and if I don’t have the skill set – I can guarantee I can find the artist who can.