Artist in Schools

I’ve been working in education for nearly 10 years now and have been lucky enough to be Artist in Residence at Burnley Brow Community School for four years!

I can create a bespoke curriculum just for your school – just like I do at Burnley Brow or in my other projects such as when working at St Micheals Academy in Wakefield. Me and another artist Nichola Pemberton worked together to create an entirely new curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Throughout the year we trained the teachers in delivering sessions in all forms of art (ideas generation, sculpture, printmaking, painting, mixed media and drawing to name but a few and at the end of the year we handed over all of the lesson plans and overviews so that the school could continue delivering the curriculum without the need for artists involvement.

Each week sessions are different, typically I deliver 4 sessions per day and sessions can include family intervention (to engage hard to reach parents), pupil premium sessions, early years, KS1, KS2 and you can even add an after school club!

With my wealth of experience I deliver sessions in acrylic impasto painting, clay and plaster sculpting, soap carving, giant mono printing, collograph printing, felt making, creating giant artworks together and developing skills in looking, drawing and other varied artistic techniques.

All tools and materials needed for the sessions are brought with me (I have everything from plaster bowls to clay carving tools, palette knives (plastic ones!!) and a variety of quills, brushes and drawing media. I even bring my own aprons and table covers too!

—- Aside from doing weekly sessions I can also come along for art week and design a bespoke project just for you! Check out my instagram for masses of examples of sessions @jennyannearts  or speak to the headteacher – Mrs Atkinson-Smith at Burnley Brow for a recommendation.

There are also images of my one off projects on the past projects page.