Creativity is making mitsakes – Art is knowing which ones to keep!

“If you don’t have a go you’ll never know” – wisdom from Terence.

Several weeks ago I went to the Grove Inn to see some live music and serendipity allowed me to meet a fabulous white bearded man named Terence. After we introduced ourselves I told him that Terence was a noble name indeed for it was the name of the first freed black slave who was a prince – or so my dad always tells me – as he too is named as Terence.

And we talked. He told me of his life and his careers, how serendipity brought him across the moors all those years ago when he had a car crash and subsequently fell in love and I told him of mine.

NO NATURAL “ARTISTIC” talent I’d said, struggle I did in the beginning – but that was why I knew was actually a pretty great teacher I explained.

Because I’ve been able to tell people that practice really does make perfect. That it is more than OK to make mistakes, it’s how we learn, and art is FUN even if the outcome doesn’t look amazing you know!

The PROCESS itself is worth while!

Then he said – “if you don’t have a go you’ll never know”

“EXACTLY” I exclaimed – many people are so scared to make a mistake they don’t try and they miss out on so much joy and fun!

And I realised – thats all I am doing in my life! I’m being bold and I’m having a go…

And sometimes I screw up REALLY BADLY but sometimes I don’t – either way however – I learn. And I keep going and generally – I enjoy myself!

It’s a long road is life – and my talent is all about telling people they are allowed and SHOULD have a go and not care too much about their mistakes, that they should forgive themselves and move onwards.

JUST LIKE I DO – FOR I am human – I am not perfect and I don’t need to be. I just need to keep having a go. Because it’s OK to be human… It’s OK to keep making mistakes and it’s OK to be sad… It’s OK to chase your dreams and it’s OK to lose them sometimes… It’s life. Life’s tough.

It’s OK to follow your heart and it’s OK to ignore your head sometimes. And if that leads you to a brick wall – then that leads you to a brick wall.

But you just got to pick yourself up every morning and try your best to be concious. Try your best not to mess it all up. Try your best not to make mistakes. Find they joy and the beauty as best you can and keep on trucking.

We are human and to be human is to err.

We don’t make mistakes on purpose. We don’t hurt people on purpose. We’re all just trying to do our best.

I’m all about shouting from the rooftops it is OK to be crap sometimes – in pointing out that it’s the MAKING that is important – that should be the fun part! And if what you make is a piece of rubbish – stick it in the bin and forget about it… But I guarantee you will learn.. And eventually – man you will make something beautiful I swear it!

Terence asked me what brought me over from Liverpool and I told him that it was Art. He was a BEAUTIFUL interesting RADIENT human being and I was thrilled to meet him. I learned about so many things and people that I want to look further into – we discussed serendipity, politics, music, influential writers and poets, careers, our parents… It was a fabulous chat and at the end of it he told me that there are not many people like me around… And I took that as a great compliment – though I’m not 100% certain what he meant! Hahaha. But I enjoyed listening to him and I realised perhaps that’s another talent of mine – HEARING people, connecting with people and genuinely ENJOYING people and admiring them EXACTLY as they are. Sharing our stories… Learning together and having the courage to be authentic in a sometimes Inauthentic world.


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